Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday, October 8, 2010

Charlie Gavin (High school student) On-line Assignment #3

Jack Yu study - On-line Assignment #3

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Charlie Gavin (High school student) ...drawing from assignment #1 of the online Portfolio Class. We're starting off with a bang! More drawings will be posted very soon!!!

Jack Yu drawing from On-line class #2

Carrie Hankins drawing from On-line class #2

Charlie Gavin drawing from On-line class #2

Julia Smith drawing from On-line class #2


Hugo Soriano drawing

Homework assignment by Daylen Chiang

Daylen Chiang drawing

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Testimonials on previous classes...

Lorelay Bové wrote:
"Every one is very lucky to take this class, you'll learn a whole deal with John! :)"

Dawood Marion wrote:
My advice is to take this class.

My Master "John Mahoney" is the greatest living artist that I know of. [A sort of Best kept secret.] Being trained in the Arts under his instruction has proven priceless for my aesthetic growth as well as my outlook on life. The jewels he left me with continue to manifest new meaning as time goes on (Time Released Wisdom). I have "Never!!!" - "EVER!!!" experienced an instructor/human like him and I have been striving to be like him ever since. Taking his classes will not only guarantee skillful success but will also help with cultivating a proper perspective of how to approach art. I stand by these words with my life!

Maia Gröss... Learning from you was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I learned plenty of new skills ( all of which I am currently grabbing by the horns to better myself as an artist and story teller) and had a lot of fun doing so.

Vicky Kat Thavornkant... ‎"No erasers allowed!" indeed.
Initially it freaked me out since my OCD would be screaming in the back of my mind that I hadn't drawn something as well as I should have. But I eventually abandoned my pencil altogether and replaced it with a ballpoint pen.

Now fearlessly, and almost carelessly I can draw whatever's on my mind or in my eye sight. I don't judge myself so harshly if it isn't precise, because that's not what art's about. Free expression and a free hand go together, and I'm glad to finally let go and just draw to my heart's content. There are no 'mistakes', just happy detours!
Now I've moved up to an array of markers and comic book graphic pens. Holding a pencil is almost foreign, haha~!

Niko Frangos... Here's my testimonial..feel free to use it. "John Mahoney's passion for artists to break out of traditional molds is contagious. His deep understanding of what it takes to be an excellent artist coupled with an honest desire for people to develop an individual style is invaluable. You can't find a better mentor or instructor if you truly want to be a great artist."